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Process Partners, LLC

Process Partners LLC is dedicated to providing independent and objective guidance to organizations planning technology focused Business Transformations.  Our focus is on enhancing Management’s success in achieving desired value realization, while mitigating the inherent risks and costs of Business Transformations. Process Partners was founded in 2004 and is proud to a respected resource of leading public accounting firms, international, regional and local, seeking assistance for their clients.

Our Core Values

Process Partners, LLC

The value represents the positive relationship between benefits to costs. The combination of our methodology, industry understanding and experience enables us to base our fees on the achievement of mutually defined milestones that provide significant value to our clients.

Results are tangible improvements obtained over a desired timetable. Experience has definitively shown that results can only be obtained through the collaborative efforts of clients and consulting personnel. Our highly collaborative methodology ensures that the desired results are achieved.

People-driven is the key to identifying, establishing, and maintaining changes within an organization. Our methodology provides for the enablement of the key stakeholders/people - client directors, executives, personnel, suppliers, customer, and advisors.

The sustainability of change creates high levels of performance. Our methodology addresses the key factors necessary for sustained change: purpose, support, and measurement.

Accountability is dependent on the visibility of process performance. We provide proven techniques and tools that enhance management's visibility to business process performance.

Predictability is critical to timely decision-making. Historical accuracy is not a competitive advantage. Our delivery methodology provides for the business process that enhances management's ability to predict results.

Measurability is recognized as a critical requirement for achieving desired process changes. Results are either tangible or intangible. Both can have significant value. Process Partners' methodology provides for measuring both tangible and intangible results.

Holistic recognizes that operating performance is the result of an organization's strategy, people, processes, systems, and data. We provide the consulting resources skilled to succeed in all 5.

Process Partners, LLC