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     Process Optimization Overview
Process, People and Technology are the key areas in which organizations focus their continuous improvement efforts in order to achieve and sustain enhanced business performance.

Process Partners provides the combination of process improvement, information technology utilization, change management, project execution and risk management experience and skills, to assess an organization's current level of effectiveness and to provide a road map for improvement. In all projects a goal of Process Partners is the establishment of a client sustainable process for continuous improvement into the future.

Process effectiveness is directly related to its level of maturity :

  • Level One - Unpredictable environment where no defined process exists.

  • Level Two - Process is in place but not adequately documented.

  • Level Three - Process is in place and adequately documented.

  • Level Four - Process is optimized, documented with effective controls.

  • Level Five - Performance metrics and controls with real time monitoring by management and continuous improvement.

Management is often challenged by the following situations:
  1. High costs
  2. Lack of competitive advantage
  3. Changing business models
  4. Low customer satisfaction
  5. Lack of performance metrics
  6. Inadequate accountability
  7. Poor utilization of technology
  8. Excessive manual tasks
  9. Different business processes across business units  


Companies incur significant costs, many hidden, as the direct result of ineffective business processes as reflected in the above situations. Management has the opportunity to address the challenges with customer focused, value driven process improvement. All business processes are subject to the following levels of maturity: Inconsistent, Repeatable, Defined, Managed and Optimized. Moving from one level to the next can generate substantial improvement in the effectiveness of an organization.


Process Partners specializes in process improvement. Our experience and skills in process improvement are leveraged in our structured process assessment and optimization methodology to ensure that sustainable process changes and controls are established that will achieve target business results.

Our methodology utilizes established management frameworks
(such as CMM, ITIL and CobiT) to ensure sustainable results.

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