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     Supply Chain Assessment
Supply chain processes are extremely dynamic, subject to frequent and extensive changes over time as a company responds to external market demands and internal organizational requirements. Establishing and sustaining effective supply chain processes requires real time monitoring of transaction controls and sub-process performance.

The following are key business processes in all types of organizations, in addition to traditional manufacturers and distributors.
  • Quote to cash
  • Procure to pay
  • Plan to Produce
  • Concept to Market
The results of ineffective and inefficient supply chain processes include long cycle times, transaction errors, delays, high costs, excess inventories, excessive AR DSO and inaccurate management information, all of which negatively impact performance results.

Enhancing supply chain processes encompasses the reduction of manual and non-value added tasks, the implementation of key internal controls, and the effective use of technology for real time monitoring of application controls and operating performance results.

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