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     ERP Overview
Companies incur significant costs, direct and indirect, as the direct result of ineffective ERP systems. Management has the opportunity to reduce and / or eliminate costs with the optimization of its ERP system through either a fix or replace strategy. All organizations continuously assess their current and potential information technology. Unfortunately many new technology initiatives do not generate the expected benefits, but exceed the expected costs.


Management is often challenged by the following situations :

  • Lack of availability of management information
  • Reliance on IT staff for management reporting
  • Lack of technology support for strategic initiatives
  • Inefficient and manual intensive business processes
  • Excessive reliance on manual and MS Excel based processing and reporting
  • Delays in addressing user requests whether short or long term in nature
  • Deficiencies in logical user access to key financial systems
  • IT resources consumed by legacy system maintenance
  • Fragmented and non-integrated systems
  • Excessive reliance on manual internal controls
  • Lack of utilization of available automated application controls
  • Non-intuitive user interfaces
  • Variances in information from multiple systems

Companies incur significant costs, many hidden, as the direct result of ineffective information technology as reflected in the above situations. Management has the opportunity to reduce and / or eliminate costs with the enhancement of its information technology either through either a fix or replace strategy. The “replace” strategy can be characterized as higher in both risks and costs than fix, but sometimes is highly justifiable. The key is picking the right strategy. Picking the wrong strategy is not often recognized until high costs are already incurred.


Process Partners knows and understands the key criteria and the most effective process for applying the criteria for deciding the right strategy for technology enhancement. Our experience and skills in information technology, change management and risk management, is leveraged in our structured methodology to ensure that management expectations are met. Depending on the company’s situation we customize our methodology and the following services to optimize the combination of client and Process Partners resources.

  • ERP Evaluation & Selection
  • ERP Migration & Utilization
  • Leveraging ERP Application Controls
  Our methodology utilizes established management frameworks (such as CMM, ITIL and CobiT) to ensure sustainable results. Process Partners offers full ERP life cycle consulting services from evaluation to selection to implementation to post implementation assistance.
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