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   Welcome to Process Partners
Process Partners, LLC is dedicated to the establishment and management of enhanced governance, processes, controls and systems that support organizations' achievement of key goals and strategies.

Process Partners assists organizations in enhancing revenue growth concurrently with reducing costs and risk through the establishment of effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes and initiatives.
     IT Governance
Managing IT costs and risks are major challenges today. The solution: Effective IT Governance.

IT governance is the responsibility of the board of directors and executive management and consists of the leadership and organizational structures and processes that ensure that the information technology function facilitates the achievement of the enterprise's goals and strategies.

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     Process Optimization
Companies incur unnecessary and often excessive costs, many hidden, as the direct result of ineffective business processes, undefined management policies and procedures and weak internal controls. In today's challenging environment Management must maximize its revenue generation and cost reduction strategies to grow and sustain profitability and cash flow.

Focus is key. The two business processes with the greatest potential for short and long term payback from Process Optimization are your revenue management (quote to cash) and cost management (procure to pay) business processes.

Process Optimization is the most effective tool a company can use to protect, strengthen and sustain its financial viability.

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In addition to the tremendous benefits companies realize from the enterprise-wide integration that ERP systems provide, companies have also begun to realize revenue increases and cost reduction from ERP systems' ability to automate the multitude of manual tasks related to management and financial controls required by regulatory agencies. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is quickly moving from concept to reality by leveraging existing ERP systems capabilities.

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Unmanaged risks can have catastrophic consequences. Management, based on experience, inherently maintains an awareness of risks that could negatively impact the achievement of their goals and key strategies. However all major risks may not be identified as the result of limited management experience and knowledge; and limited management understanding of potential risks within key business processes that cross functional silos of the organization.

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    Expert Consulting Services
Process Partners only accepts engagements that match our professional staff knowledge, skills, and experience. We adhere to structured and defined methodologies that encompass proven best practices in IT Governance, Process Optimization, and ERP Optimization. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an integral aspect of all Process Partners service methodologies.

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Case Studies
Our Client Case Studies reflect the breadth and depth of our industry, IT Governance, Process Optimization and ERP experience and capabilities.

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Our Experience
Process Partners prides itself on its track record of successfully completing consulting and compliance engagements with a 100% client satisfaction across a broad range of industries and organizations.

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